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My name is Lanny Clark. My business is servicing and restoring Land Rovers on my farm in Colchester, Vermont. I have been involved with Land Rovers since the 60s and in the Land Rover parts and service business full time since 1984. So….. I have quite a lot of Land Rover experience and I am learning more daily, I have completed over 40 major Land Rover restorations.

I have been to the Land Rover factory in Solihull several times over the years and in 1995 I completed 3 off road driving courses at Land Rover Ltd in the U.K. and became a certified Land Rover driving instructor. I work alone, however I have a small group of local craftsmen, who I sub-contract paint, upholstery, and machine shop work to. Virtually everything that is done to a Land Rover in my shop, is done using genuine Land Rover parts. My goal is to produce a safe, reliable Land Rover, as close to the original as possible.