About Land Rovers

The original Land Rover was designed to be a serviceable, utilitarian workhorse; a role they still fulfill today . They have durable and simple systems that were designed and built with intention of being able to be serviced or rebuilt any where in the world. A series Land Rover would be my first choice of vehicle for an overland trip around the world. Since Land Rovers are so durable and share parts between all models and years, there has always been a strong supply of new genuine and aftermarket Land Rover parts. Over the years, I have dismantled dozens of Land Rovers and procured new parts, no longer available from Land Rover, to insure I have the correct part for your Land Rover.

Land Rovers are unique. Here is a list of common descriptions:

1. They are very basic.

2. They will go anywhere.

3. They are a lot of fun to drive.

4. They do not go fast. 70 mph is crazy speeding.

5. The general public seems interested in them, in a good way.

6. They are sometimes compared to Erector sets.

7. They often become the favorite vehicle of the family.

8. Kids and dogs love them.

9. They are easy to drive even though they do not have power steering or an automatic transmission.