When I started my business, I built a Land Rover-specific shop in the hay mow of a dairy barn on the Clark Family farm. It was designed specifically for working on Land Rovers. When I meet a new customer I listen to their story. The customer knows his (or her!) budget, desires and needs; I know the vehicle and the possibilities. Working together we can create a Land Rover plan.

When performing a major restoration, I enjoy playing the part of a detective during disassembly. Much of the vehicle’s history can be learned from seeing service work, modifications or restoration that was performed by professionals and novices alike through the vehicle's life. Many times I find the shortcuts or mistakes which made that particular vehicle unreliable or treacherous to drive, thereby causing the owner to lose interest. When I assemble a Land Rover, I endeavor to assemble it as the factory did with factory parts. That is my standard. This truly pays off in the long run in terms of drivability and durability, not to mention the value of the Land Rover. The thing that puts a biggest smile on my face is the perfect test drive of a project Land Rover. It drives like a new one!